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New Post Alert: Your JUNE Ambassador Video Buzz is IN!

Posted by Erin Walheim on

The end of the school year, warm sunny days, summer vacay...we are jazzed up for June!☀️

And to kick off the month, we have a checklist that will get you SUMMER READY! 

✅ New incentives and rewards for both current and new customers! 🏖 
✅ Discover ways to incentivize sales and earn CASH BONUSES to avoid the summer slump 🌻 
 And remember - ALWAYS wear sunscreen 😎


Hear the latest from Heather, Jess, Jessica and her daughter Charlotte:



    • Let's give a warm welcome to our new brand manager, Dalia!
    • Discover new social and influencer initiatives.
    • Check out Beauty Rewards upgrades including new product offers and an even bigger Birthday Reward.
    • Increased first time customer incentive and an update to our Give 20, Get 20 program!*
    • And don't miss the opportunity to earn an EXTRA CASH BONUS with our June New Customer Incentive!


    • Your new customer link will match our increased new customer offer of 20% off their first purchase - no minimum! 
    • June New Customer Incentive!
      • Bring 3 new customers, earn $50. Bring 6 new customers, earn $100!
    • You can also leverage our Give 20, Get 20 program by encouraging your customers to share and earn rewards! When they shop with their rewards, your commission will increase!


    Our updated programs offer you incredible opportunities to share, recruit, and retain your customers! Feel free to share these graphics on social media to promote all the amazing programs EVER has to offer!


    20% Off Your First Order
    $50 Off $100 For Your Birthday!
    Give 20, Get 20


    The EVER May Sales Promotion winners are in! These FAB 40 were the first to reach $500 in customer sales in May and a won a Daytime Brightening Eye Vitamin C Cream. They get it FIRST (in June) and they get it FREE! This transformative eye treatment launches in late summer and is sure to be a fan favorite! Congratulations!! All other earners will receive their FREE bottle in July, shortly before launch!


    Shannon Somers Anne McVey
    Nikol Johnson Mary Woodruff
    Amelia Felbinger Diana Lofstead
    Jamie Moore Christine Santori
    Michelle Martino Lacey Weishaar
    Georgia Giguere Loni Spendlove
    Sarah Field Heidi Hansen
    Julie Salva Nanci Fox
    Pamela Anderson Leslie Young
    Kimberly Martin Jennifer Ronnel
    Stephanie Holguin Aura Skigen
    Cherylanne Skolnicki Danielle Sirinsky
    Natalie Moore Ariel Brewer
    Kelly Slater Michele Vidal
    Karen Herrema Lara Harris
    Jacquie Landt Melissa Wendt-jones
    Bridgette Abendroth Patricia Preston
    Alison Jensen Fuller Allison Carl
    Katie Hall Alexa Stefan
    Jessica Louder Heather Moore


    Stella & Dot Ever
    1. Brooke Cummings 35
    1. Mandy Barberio 5
    2. Jade Hu 13 2. Georgia Giguere 4
    3. Lisa Zubrowski 9
    3. Melissa Wendt-jones 2
    4. Lindsey Kimmitt 7 4. Margie Taylor Hickey 2
    5. Neil Day 7 5. Stephanie Holguin 2
    6. Julie Zachesky 5 6. Jen Millage 2
    7. Katie Redmond 5 7. Lindsey Kimmitt 2
    8. Amanda Chancey 5 8. Allison Burns 2
    9. Alexa Tangorra 4 9. Marianne Ehemann 2
    plus 9 AMB bringing in 3! 10. Amanda Hammarstedt 2

    Stella & Dot Ever
    1. Christina Welch 1. Alison Jensen Fuller
    2. Allison Carl 2. Pamela Anderson
    3. Amanda Nabbefeld 3. Leslie Young
    4. Melissa Wendt-jones 4. Heidi Hansen
    5. Angel Harris 5. Georgia Giguere
    6. Christine Santori 6. Amelia Felbinger
    7. Michelle Fernandez 7. Rachel Schwemmer
    8. Janey Prince 8. Jacquie Landt
    9. Cindy Rhodehamel 9. Katie Hall
    10. Michelle Lancaster 10. Allison Carl

    Stella & Dot Ever
    1. Jade Hu 1. Pamela Anderson
    2. Angel Harris 2. Amelia Felbinger
    3. Brooke Cummings 3. Georgia Giguere
    4. Sarah Field 4. Nikol Johnson
    5. Lucy Dorris 5. Lacey Weishaar
    6. Lisa Zubrowski 6. Heidi Hansen
    7. Julie Zachesky 7. Katie Hall
    8. Michelle Fernandez 8. Sarah Field
    9. Lindsey Kimmitt 9. Alexa Stefan
    10. Neil Day 10. Jacquie Landt

    Thank you for spreading the S&D BRANDS JOY!
    *Offers are valid for the month of June. Minimum purchase required. Birthday reward expires at the end of their birth month. New customer offer can be combined with Skin Win and 1st time Subscription orders.

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