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Former Website URL Redirecting to Your New Site?

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Dear Ambassadors,

We have received questions about old referral links redirecting properly. After some investigation, we found that in some rare cases, last year’s links did not always redirect based on the browser used and unique cookie settings.  Rest assured, this is a very limited use case and we have resolved any issues. To feel confident you will not run into this rare case, please use the referral link format in your Ambassador Dashboard and update your social media accounts to reflect your new Referral Link - ie. Facebook, Instagram, email signature, etc. 

Also please remember that a discount code always trumps a link for commission credit  and only 1 ambassador is credited for any order.

Rest assured, there is no reason to contact the delight center or worry you have not received credit for an order. We simply wanted to be transparent and let you know we have seen and corrected orders in unique circumstances.

Our Ambassadors getting credit where credit is due is a top priority for us and we will always proactively work to ensure you commissions are properly paid in all cases.

With Gratitude,
Your S&D team

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