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Is Your Skin Experiencing Symptoms of Peri-menopause?


Estrogen plays a critical role in helping skin maintain optimal moisture retention, collagen and elastin levels, and skin thickness. As estrogen levels decline with age, you will notice changes in your skin. Even if you do all the things right- like use sunscreen daily, and cleanse and moisturize your skin, your declining estrogen levels during perimenopause and menopause lead to visible changes in the skin. How do you if your current skincare is not working or you?

  • It feels like your moisturizer is no longer working
  • You look tired even when you're well rested
  • You’re noticing sagging skin, more fine lines and wrinkles
  • Your skin has lost its ‘glow’
  • You are perimenopausal, in menopause, or are postmenopausal ( 30% of the skin’s collagen is lost during the years around menopause.)

Dryness is one of the major skin problems associated with menopause. This is because as hormone levels crash, the skin barrier function becomes compromised and cell turnover slows. The skin loses some of its ability to hold onto water, and it becomes dry and more wrinkled looking as a result.

Like a dull filter, these aged cells, intensify the look of aging when they linger over the complexion. As you age, proper exfoliation becomes essential to remove the dead layer of skin on top that is both dulling your glow and preventing other skincare products from absorbing into your skin.

The EVER Daily at Home Facial  embraces a chemical exfoliant as its first step.

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