CHEEK 1 BRUSH Bronzer Brush - EVER

CHEEK 1 BRUSH Bronzer Brush

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A unique, fan-shaped brush that makes bronzing and defining a breeze.

It’s the ultimate tool to use with our OUT THE DOOR Cheek & Eye Palettes for bronzing and highlighting effects. The design was custom created to hug curves in all the right places so color applies evenly, seamlessly, beautifully.

Why It’s Different:

UNIQUE DESIGN: The custom fan shape sweeps up the perfect amount of color and applies it evenly all over the face or as a bronzer down the hollows of the cheeks.

DURABILITY: Soft, firm 100% synthetic bristles make for a flexible, yet stable distribution of color.

NUMBERED FOR EASE: Perfectly matched to cheek shade #1 in our OUT THE DOOR Cheek & Eye Palettes.



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