January New Customer Order Challenge Winners! - EVER

January New Customer Order Challenge Winners!

Posted by Erin Walheim on

The January new customer order challenge was our first incentive of the year. We challenged you to bring in new customers, with bonus marketing rewards at 3 and 6 new customer orders. 
55 Ambassadors 
stepped up! We are SO PROUD of your accomplishments! 
The following Ambassadors brought in 6+ NEW customer orders
and received a $100 value store coupon:

Nikol Johnson
Jamie Moore
Alison Jensen Fuller
Sarah Field
Georgia Giguere
Allison Carl
Alexa Stefan
Amelia Felbinger
Christine Santori
Stacey Atkins

 The following Ambassadors brought in 3+ NEW customer orders
and received a $50 value store coupon:

Aimee Weidl
Christina Sweeney
Jacquie Landt
Amelia Keely
Mary Woodruff
Kim Brogan
Beth Pensabene
Carol Murray
Melissa Crangle
Michelle Fernandez
Heather Moore
Jen Suplee
Linda McElvenny
Lori Stokes
Missy Bryan
Lisa Pretto
Michele Vidal
Karen Herrema
Janet Wakeland
Christina Welch
Stephanie Holguin
Danielle Sirinsky
Alexandria Stanbach
Angela Putt
Anne McVey
Jennifer Erbacher
Jennifer Hutzel
Mary Ann Brulato
Nicole Teaney
Lisa Zubrowski
Melissa Wendt-jones
Jacquelyn Svoboda
Heidi Nowitzke
Celina Martinez
Kathy Watson
Nancy Walsh
Carly Ortlund
Angie McHale
Vicki Felber
Kimberly Davis
Linda Torres
Janet Nguyen-Sperry
Laura Tompkins
Brenda Reinke
Joy Bowman

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