The Buzz is IN for October!

The Buzz is IN for October!

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💜Hello Gorgeous Ambassadors!💜

Happy October!
It's officially Autumn and time to indulge in all of its pumpkin-flavored glory! As the days get colder and more dry, it's also the perfect time to double-down on your daily skin care routine.

Happening this month:

✨We're donating 25% of sales on Smooth Peptide Lip in ROSE to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.💄✨ 


We're Celebrating World Menopause Awareness Month this October!
Tune-in to our IG where we'll be educating on the top skin changes women experience as they move through menopause and better yet, how to address them. Keep your eyes peeled for a special announcement at the beginning of the month! Press PLAY on our Skin Win Wednesday from last week with Heather

For Wiser Skin


 💜October-December Cash Bonus Incentive 💜
October 1 through the end of the year, Ambassadors, Star Ambassadors, and Specialists can earn additional Stacking Cash Bonuses for hitting monthly CUSTOMER sales goals. 

Monthly Customer Sales STACKING Sales Target Bonus Total Bonus Potential
 $  1,000  $50 $50
 $ 2,000  $50 $100
$3,000 $100 $200
 $ 5,000  $350 $550

Introducing The ForEver Club (New Membership Program!)
Read all about it here.

Top Ten Ambassadors who slayed September 👏


1. Heidi Hansen 

2. Alison Jensen Fuller

3. Nikol Johnson 

4. Karen Herrema

5. Allison Carl 

6. Leslie Young

7. Pamela Anderson 

8. Jacquie Landt

9. Sarah Field

10. Georgia Giguere


1. Georgia Giguere 

2. Heidi Hansen 

3. Sarah Field 

4. Jacquie Landt

5. Nikol Johnson 

6. Alison Jensen Fuller 

7. Karen Herrema 

8. Pamela Anderson 

9. Leslie Young

10. Julie Salva 

💜We appreciate you all so much. Thank you for spreading the joy of EVER!💜

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